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Evaluating the Factors Contributing to Housing Unaffordability in Colorado


Housing affordability has become an increasing concern in Colorado, particularly in metro Denver where the market has sustained its longest prolonged period of elevated year-over-year home price growth.

Shift Research Lab, in partnership with the Colorado Futures Center, is conducting research and analysis to evaluate the multiple factors that are contributing to rising housing unaffordability in Colorado. This study, which is being supported by The Piton Foundation, Housing Colorado, and the Colorado Health Foundation, will explore the role economic and demographic conditions, residential construction costs and policy play in housing unaffordability, and it will attempt to forecast the future impact of these factors on housing costs.

Driving Social Change

By providing a better understanding of the likely contributors to Colorado’s current housing cost pressures, this study will help inspire thinking about solutions to alleviate the impact of these factors on affordability.

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Partner with us

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