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Community Fact Enhancements


Created by Open Media Foundation, and powered by the Colorado Data Engine, Community Facts' development was driven by a group of community stakeholders that was actively engaged in the discovery, design and user-testing phases, helping to ensure that Community Facts includes the information and functionality that's most desired by its users.

The stakeholder group continues to inform the functionality of the tool, and convened in December to decide on several new enhancements, which are detailed below. In addition, new indicators will be added and we are in the process of updating all of the existing indicators with the most current data available. Check back frequently for updates. Shift expects the new enhancements and indicators to be implemented by early summer. To learn more, contact Jennifer Newcomer.


  • User Profile Enhancements: Community Facts profiles will now save search criteria and preference for users’ later use.

  • Print Friendly View of Reports: Users will be able to print legible data in a report format.

  • Timeline to Show Change: Users will have the ability to drag a timeline that shows change over time.

  • Overlay Polygons with Points: Users will be able to look at two data layers together.

  • Color-Coded Margin of Error Value: The color codes will better indicate data reliability.

  • Landing Page: This functionality shows users what they are able to use Community Facts for and what they may expect from the tool.

  • Indicator Search on Landing Page: This tag functionality will allow users to search indicators.

  • Embedding Functionality: Users will be able to embed specific data to their own websites.

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Partner with us

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