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Colorado's Youngest: A Profile of the 0-5 Population


In an effort to provide more insight into Colorado’s early childhood landscape, we released a demographic profile of children born in the last five years in our state, with a specific emphasis on metro Denver. The brief takes an in-depth look at vulnerable births and additional indicators that represent the development of young children. To accompany the brief, we created an interactive story map that allows users to view additional data and explore neighborhood-level maps, and it serves as a complement to the Colorado Children’s Campaign’s widely-respected Kids Count in Colorado publication.

Driving Social Change

By providing community-level information, this demographic profile and story map can be used by elected officials, advocacy groups and direct service providers to better understand where vulnerable children are living, helping to ensure that supportive resources are available in high-need communities.

Key Findings


of children born in metro Denver from 2009-2013 are vulnerable to experiencing adverse health & education outcomes

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