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In 2015, the Early Childhood Leadership Commission (ECLC) designed the Early Childhood Communication Collaborative to raise awareness of the important role parents and caregivers have in child development; highlight the number and variety of parent and caregiver communication and engagement efforts; and, ultimately, find ways to better support and connect with parents and caregivers. 

As part of this work, Shift visually mapped the results of a statewide survey of communication efforts that resulted in more than 380 responses from a variety of organizations across the state. The visual tool helped the ECLC and various stakeholders understand the breadth of communications efforts and how they could be improved for the benefit of parents and caregivers. 


Driving Social Change

Our work helped deepen the ECLC’s understanding of the issue. The maps and data visualizations were used in conversations with stakeholders that resulted in a series of recommendations from the ECLC to the state focusing on reducing inconsistent communications and duplicative efforts, increasing the quality of communications and providing greater emphasis on two-way, responsive engagement between parents or caregivers and children.

Key Findings


percent of survey respondents indicated they target families that are English Language Learners, even though 14 percent of Colorado students are English Language Learners.

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Partner with us

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