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Colorado's Youngest: A Profile of the 0-5 Population Support to Early Childhood Communications Collaborative
Support to Young Americans Center for Financial Education


Shift worked the Young Americans Center for Financial Education, a nonprofit that offers programs to teach youth about finances, economics and business, to build a private, interactive web map to help the organization expand its “On the Road” program. Using free and reduced lunch participation data from the Colorado Department of Education and demographic data from the American Community Survey, this map provides insight into which Denver metro communities would most benefit from Young American’s programming.

Driving Social Change

Nonprofit organizations like Young Americans are a crucial link between the data and information Shift provides and improved outcomes for Denver’s children and communities. By providing Young Americans with this data resource, we helped build its capacity to understand the communities it serves, resulting in improved program delivery.

Key Findings


schools attracted to the On the Road program, preparing 998 additional students for 21st century success

Partner with us

Partner with us

Shift contracts with social change organizations that are interested in using data to make more informed decisions. Tell us about your work to see if we can help.

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