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What We Do

What We Do

Shift supports social change work in metro Denver by offering products and services that help our partners leverage data and research to advance their missions.

We have the ability to support organizations throughout all stages of their work, including helping to inform strategy development, providing real-time decision-making support to current projects, and monitoring community change over time.

Our services help make it easier for social change organizations to:


Better understand and visualize the connections between socio-economic challenges in the region.


Expand or shift direct service and program delivery strategies based on community need.


Use data to more effectively measure the effectiveness and impact of programs and projects.


Include data in grant applications, annual reports and other communications to provide context and make them more compelling.


More strategically direct philanthropic investments.


Access clean, synthesized information in one location so that it can be further analyzed.

Products & Services

Products & Services

Open Data Tools

We develop and maintain web-based technology tools that provide free data and analysis about social issues. Our open data platform help social change organizations better understand the communities they serve so they can make more informed decisions in their work.

Our Work

Community Facts

Access free, neighborhood-level data for the seven-county Denver metro region. 

Data Engine

Unlock accessible, neighborhood-level data from this open source hub. 

"Only a handful of urban areas across the country have anything like Community Facts. It presents data going down to the neighborhood level in a simple and understandable manner, and its flexibility and adaptability place it at the highest level of best practice in this field nationally."

- G. Thomas Kingsley, Urban Institute


We conduct research and analysis to better understand the challenges facing the Denver metro region, then we make the findings available through reports and digital information tools. Our research and analysis supports key policy and social sector initiatives related to issues such as early childhood, demographic changes, transit-oriented development, the urban economy and affordable housing. 

Our Work

Our Changing Denver Region: Chapter One

This brief explores the demographic shifts that have occurred in metro Denver since it emerged from the Great Recession in 2009. 

Housing's Impact on Local Government Finance

This case study attempts to better understand the fiscal impact the decline in affordable housing is having on local governments across the state. 

"As a small organization, it is not feasible for Housing Colorado to staff an internal research arm on affordable housing policy, so we look to partners like Shift Research Lab to work cooperatively with us."

- Sara Reynolds, Housing Colorado

Community Assessment

We help organizations monitor community-level change so they can determine the efficacy and impact of their strategic investments, programs or initiatives and make better decisions related to their work. In addition, we help our partners integrate data and technology more directly into their work by building data and research tools that support community change initiatives.

Our Work

Colorado's Youngest: 0-5 Story Profile & Story Map

A demographic profile of children born in the last five years in Colorado, with a specific emphasis on vulnerable births in metro Denver. 

Transit-Oriented Development Tool

This site selection tool assists the Denver Transit-Oriented Development Fund in locating affordable housing in the transit corridors. 

“Shift’s research into Colorado’s youngest children living in the region represents a first-in-the-state analysis of their needs and some of the resources available to address those needs. By combining population-level data with geographic context, Shift is prompting parents, advocates and policymakers to think differently about how we connect children with opportunities.”

- Bill Jaeger, Colorado Children's Campaign

Capacity Building

As a service to the metro Denver community, we help nonprofits, governments and other social change organizations build their capacity to use data by providing technical assistance such as mapping analysis, data visualization and sense-making support. In addition, we engage in local and national partnerships and collaboratives that help create a data-driven culture.

Our Work

Mile High Data Day

We host an annual convening of metro Denver's data community. 

Young Americans Center for Financial Education

We built an interactive web map to help Young Americans identify programmatic expansion opportunities. 

"Young Americans worked with Shift on an interactive web map to help us identify underserved populations where we could expand our educational programming. The end result is important information, easily portrayed, which will meaningfully guide our expansion. This project has absolutely helped us inform new business opportunities." 

- Betsy Skylar, Young Americans Center for Financial Education

Stay up to date


Shift contracts with social change organizations that are interested in using data to make more informed decisions. Tell us about your work to see if we can help.