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Support to Early Childhood Communications Collaborative Denver Regional Equity Atlas
Colorado Data Engine


In partnership with The Denver Foundation, Shift led the creation of the Data Engine, an open source hub that unlocks neighborhood-level, public data in an accessible format. Users can download datasets, upload their own data, and create their own applications for the common good. The Data Engine brings together various public information sources in a convenient, online location, putting the power of information to work for individuals and organizations that advance social change.

Driving Social Change

By making data more accessible and providing the tools to make it meaningful and actionable, more people become informed, engaged and empowered to address the issues that shape the quality of our communities and our lives.

Key Findings


data platforms, including Community Facts, Denver Regional Equity Atlas & the upcoming ECE map, are powered by the Data Engine

Partner with us

Partner with us

Shift contracts with social change organizations that are interested in using data to make more informed decisions. Tell us about your work to see if we can help.

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