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Community Facts


Our flagship community information tool offers free, neighborhood-level data and analysis about the health and well-being of metro Denver’s families and communities, helping to support community change initiatives across the region. This application, which was developed with input from a group of community stakeholders, features contemporary technology and serves as a leading example for community information platforms. It is powered by the Colorado Data Engine, another tool that was developed by Shift, and it can be used to inform the work of nonprofits, government agencies, community organizations, direct service providers, researchers and community members. We are committed to continually adding new features and data to Community Facts, allowing it to better serve the community’s needs.

Driving Social Change

Community Facts helps nonprofits, direct service providers, government agencies and community organizations better understand and serve low-income families and communities.

Partner with us

Partner with us

Shift contracts with social change organizations that are interested in using data to make more informed decisions. Tell us about your work to see if we can help.

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