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An Overview of Poverty in Metro Denver Colorado Social Determinants of Health Digital Platform
Our Changing Denver Region Series


With the release of 2009 and 2014 data for metro Denver from the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey, Shift has analyzed neighborhood-level data for the region to provide insight into how low-income families have fared since emerging from the Great Recession. In the Our Changing Denver Region series, we examine how communities across the region are evolving, and the first chapter, Who We Are & Where We Live*, explores the demographic shifts that have occurred since 2009 related to total population, age, household types, race and ethnicity, and mobility. In addition, we created an interactive story map that allows users to dig more deeply into the data.

In the next chapters of the series, we will look at how the demographic shifts that are occurring have implications for all aspects of life in our region, including housing, the economy and education. Click here for a sneak peek into the second chapter, which begins to explore how housing and jobs are both influencing, and being influenced by, growth and displacement.

* Please note: Due to an error in the map caption on page 4, an updated version of this brief was added on 2/24/17. If you downloaded the brief prior to this date, we encourage you to access it again.

Driving Social Change

By providing data, coupled with narratives from real families whose stories put a face to the numbers, we are helping service providers, public officials and community leaders better understand and respond to our region’s changing dynamics.

Key Findings


people have moved to Denver since 2005

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Partner with us

Shift contracts with social change organizations that are interested in using data to make more informed decisions. Tell us about your work to see if we can help.

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