Data for Change Network

Are you passionate about using data to drive social change? Join Shift's Data for Change Network—a community of individuals and organizations that champions data-driven decision-making in Colorado's social sector by connecting, learning and working together.

The Network provides skill-building opportunities, hosts networking events and facilitates collaboration. Below are a few of the opportunities provided to Network members:

  • Mile High Data Day: an annual conference where data novice and pros alike develop skills, learn from experts and work together to harness the power of social data.
  • Data + Drafts: a quarterly happy hour for network members to discuss data and casually connect with each other.
  • Slack Channel: an online communication platform for Network members to share their work, troubleshoot problems, and build a collaborative data community.

To get involved with the network and stay in the loop on upcoming trainings, special events and opportunities to connect, reach out to Courtney Steele, Shift's Digital Products and Partnership Manager.


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Let's Work Together

Shift partners with social change organizations that are interested in using data to better serve their communities.

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